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Biz-comm hosts clients on its dedicated servers. Biz-comm only hosts its own clients; we do not host clients not developed by Biz-comm. The advantages are many: a high level of security, only Biz-comm has server root access, low traffic, high speed and reliability. 

When Biz-comm develops a new site, it includes one free year of hosting ($360 value). A second free year can be granted when a client refers a new client to Biz-comm for website development.

Biz-comm does not accept projects hosted on other servers. All servers are not created equal. In order to provide the full extent of our services, we require a server to have all the software installed that we use. The time it would take to get 'root' access changes from a non-Biz-comm server makes designing for another server unprofitable for Biz-comm. To help with the transition, Biz-comm gives the first year of hosting FREE to web clients.

Server Specifications

Biz-comm's servers are located in Vancouver BC in a secure data center featuring redundant UPS and diesel generator power systems making it able to sustain any possible power outages, as well as military-grade pass card access are used to ensure total security in the facility. In addition, a Network Operating Center (NOC) team monitors and manages the network 24x7x365 to ensure 100% uptime. Redundant HVAC Systems, climate control with particle filters and humidity control create optimal conditions on site for severs and system operation and eliminating any hardware failures caused by the environment conditions.

In addition to Biz-comm staff monitoring the servers' uptime, technical staff monitors uptime, virus alerts, and security issues.  Nightly back-ups to a second server protects against data loss should a server fail.

Website uptime statistics - monitoring service

The first year of hosting is free. Subsquent hosting fees are relative to the storage size needed for the site.





MYSQL / PHP Programming

Content Management Systems

Shopping Carts

Blog installation as part of site development

Microsoft Office

Acrobat Pro

Variety of support programs


From creating a customized employee task list, viewable online, to shopping carts, to project costs to set product price, to membership organizations with personalized log ins, Biz-comm can deliver. Ask us about your project. It is doable.