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Patrice Olivier-Wilson


Our Clients Say...


Biz-comm is always pleased to hear from its clients. We invite you to read what they have to say about working with Stephen Wilson and Patrice Olivier-Wilson.

I have been working with Patrice for over 25 years with terrific success. She has always cleaned up whatever IT mess I got myself into. She is the reason my business has grown over the years. Her expertise is boundless. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in staying on the cutting edge of todays technology with no worries. Simply stated, She’s the Best in the Business! -- Mal Graifman, Professional Home Improvement

I stumbled across Patrice and Biz-Comm many years ago (2002) when I wanted and needed to have a web site for my construction business. Patrice was so helpful, knowledgeable, experienced, creative and just plain nice. It wasn't a difficult decision to use her for my online presence. Over the years, we have tweaked the site and changed the software. Additionally, she and her people have perfectly maintained my site with almost no issues whatsoever for many, many years. A wonderful additional benefit of our relationship is that, when I need some graphic design work, such as business cards, stationary, etc., Patrice is always extremely helpful, savvy, patient and responsive. In sum, I can't recommend them more highly. She is the best! -- Jeff Cohen, Canada & Klein

So excited about the new look of the Fullerton Heritage website. When our previous webmaster retired in early 2022, she was concerned about our site. She reached out to her network through a forum and found us Patrice at Biz-Comm. Working with Patrice has been a pleasure. We are especially grateful for her attention to detail and making it easy for us to make simple changes ourselves. Our site contains a lot of content. Having it user friendly is very important. Thank you Biz-Comm/Patrice! -- Ann Gread, Fullerton Heritage

Patrice was great to work with! Once we decided to start a website and started working with Patrice, the process went very smoothly and the website was completed quickly. She is very dedicated to her business and pays close attention to detail. She had a lot of great ideas, compiled the information and designed the website to portray the business very well. I would highly recommend Patrice for your website needs. -- Lindsay Shalata, Shalata's Land Clearing

Biz-Comm has allowed A&G Builders to elevate its online presence and build a strong digital footprint. The quality of Biz-Comm's work is demonstrated by the amazing website it designed for our business. Their attention to detail, continuous follow up, and strong understanding of marketing has allowed A&G Builders to receive new leads by reaching new clients and providing interested homebuyers with an opportunity to view our portfolio. Biz-Comm is simply the best there is. -- Mirvat Salameh, A&G Builders

I am Clare Suhanich. I decided I needed a web page to showcase my photos. I reached out to Patrice to help with this new world. She developed a web site that is unbelievable. It shows my photos in a way I couldn't have dreamed. She also took her time to teach me this NEW world. I am not an expert but I know if I need help, I can reach out to her and she will show me the right way. I will recommend her to my fellow photographers. Thanks for all the help and teaching me. -- Clare Suhanich, photographer

Patrice at Biz-comm was a joy to work with. She exceeded our expectations on all fronts, and we were able to launch two sophisticated corporate sites with e-commerce capabilities in a short timeframe. Patrice's approach to site design broke the project down into manageable components and enabled us to hone in on desired site functionalities and create appropriate content. We were quite particular about certain features, and Patrice seemed to welcome the challenges we presented to her. DDH Design created a series of fun icons to 'brand our numerous programs and even tweaked our logo for the most effective look. The end result are eye-catching, responsive websites that are earning compliments and, most importantly, efficiently selling our services to current and new customers. -- Janine Leete, Collaborative Testing Services

Hello, Patrice. Let me start by saying that the writing of a professional review (for anyone) is something that I don't take lightly. I checked out all of the reviews on your website, and the affirmations recorded there absolutely ring true with my own experiences about working with you. Your work is excellent -- period. That said, I would like to add this: Somehow, you are gifted with a keen intuition about how to ask the right questions. I did not truly know my own specific needs/expectations for the new business website. You were patient in drawing me out -- you asked the pertinent questions, and did not permit me to duck or dodge your inquiries. This is not my “first rodeo,” nonetheless, I have never benefited more from any other professional collaboration. Thank you! -- Linda Carso, Carso California Coaching

Collaborating with Patrice for my business has been consistently first-rate. Whether dealing with graphics, copy editing, layout, or print materials, quality and an eye for detail have been stellar. Highly recommended. You've come to the right place for marketing and business communications! After I worked unsuccessfully with several local logo designers in Northern Virginia, Patrice provided multiple creative choices that perfectly captured the spirit of my idea. Her website design was meticulous, with a range of suggestions based on her broad experience. She has also been consistently accommodating and wise if we needed to work through different ideas on both appearance and function. She goes the extra mile, always. -- Dr. Patricia Velkoff

Biz-comm is first class! Patrice has always been spot on with her ideas and design work. She knows her business and is proactive in helping me work out what I need . Highly recommend! -- Erich Leatham, Mountain West Construction

Having worked with Patrice for a number of years I have found she has always been very helpful, patient and professional. I recently had the pleasure to work with her again on a website update for our company. With great listening skills, creative ideas and thoughtful intuition on how to implement what we talked about, is better than ever! Even though I was very busy with normal day to day work during the process, Patrice made it easier than I thought would be possible. Every step of the way she organized and requested what she needed of me in manageable segments with no pressure; only a few "courteous nudges" from time to time to help me stay on task. Thanks Patrice and Biz-comm for all your help and the great work that you do!! -- Tim Robinson, Salem Remodeling, Inc.

When we first contacted Patrice Oliver-Wilson and Biz-Comm, OpenMobile was a mobile technology start-up just beginning to emerge from stealth mode. We had a limited budget and needed a professional technology focused website (with ample expansion opportunities) as well as traditional collateral materials including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, etc. Patrice had the unique ability to understand both the technical as well as the design elements necessary for a successful company launch. Her focus on long-term effectiveness and strategic functionality ensured we would have a site that not only met our current needs, but also gave us the depth and breadth to expand as we did. I would highly recommend Patrice and Biz-Comm as it has been a true pleasure working together in introducing OpenMobile. I can't think of a better business partner! -- Leila Dillon, Global Marketing Communications

Thanks for ALL you've done; your work has overcome all the skeptics on the Board. As always (and I can't say it enough) I love working with you... You are patient and accomodating at every turn. A big THANK YOU to your work, your patience and your great ideas!!!
Updated on March 2022: I have worked with Patrice since 2009 to create and upgrade our website. We did an update with Patrice in 2017 because technology had changed significantly. Initially, we laid out the sections we wanted to convey information about the Association, and together we created the basic pages, with Patrice being a great guide to the look and feel of the site and making both practical and 'artistic' suggestions.
What I love about working with Patrice is that she is always available to help/answer questions/guide me in the more 'technical' aspects of posting information, etc. Over the years, she has done many small 'tweaks' to make the site easier for me to keep up-to-date/change headers/etc.
I would really encourage you to work with Patrice to upgrade your website. She is GREAT to work with, knows her 'stuff' and is creative and open to requests and suggestions.
-- Janet Hall, Sebec Lake Association

Homeplus Finance Corp. has a long-term (10+ years) relationship with Biz-Comm, and as our business has grown and evolved we've always been able to count on Biz-Comm to provide a fast response to our requests. Biz-Comm has also provided guidance and great feedback for the requests we've made pertaining to our requested website changes, and that's something we've also come to rely on as well. Having a solid, reliable and responsive 3rd party vendor is key to having a successful business and we highly recommend Biz-Comm for the services they offer. -- Les Bateman, Homeplus Finance

A huge shout out to Patrice at Biz-comm! Biz-comm has designed and developed a website for my raw honey business. From start to finish Patrice's creativity, design, and professionalism was second to none. My new website is fun, very user friendly, and administration is a breeze. Might I add that of this was created with next to no effort on my part. I look forward to working with Patrice for all my future website needs. If you're looking to have a website created for your business, Biz-comm is the place and Patrice Olivier-Wilson is your girl!!! -- Robin Kaminstein, Queen Bee's Honey House

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the fine work you have provided to improve our website. Everyone who has seen it has had positive input. I am especially grateful for your patience with my meager computer skills. All in all it was a great experience and the results are outstanding. -- Paul Vergara, owner Vergara Design Build

Our nonprofit organization was searching for new ideas on how to make our website more attractive and easier to use for Veterans and our volunteers. We were unsure of what was available out there and affordable for us to remain in our budget. Biz-comm suggested different search and management tools to help us collaborate effectively and streamline our processes. Our transition to our new site was effortless and we have room to grow! I am an IT Professional by day and a volunteer on the side, so my time can be very busy. I work daily with several corporations. Biz-comm gave me what we were looking for in a timely manner with professional results ...our group was pleased with the results. Thank you Patrice and Biz-comm for helping Hunts For Healing with our mission! -- Tammy Smith, Hunts For Healing

Patrice and I have worked together on many varied projects over the past 24 years. Whether it is a design project for print, a new website, or advertising, her insights and skills always take the project to the next level. Her years of experience with web design and development, advertising, writing, editing and managing large projects, all strengthen what she is able to add to a project. On-time delivery and problem solving just add another bonus layer to her overall skills. -- Diane Hill Turrell, owner DDH Design

I have worked closely with Patrice and Biz-comm for the past year. Patrice has been wonderfully patient with my process, and she took the time to understand my unique business and marketing needs. I highly recommend working with Patrice for website development. She not only helped me create a great site, but she asked the right questions along the way about my current business to help me create a new vision for my practice in the future. I am not tech savvy, so I really appreciated Patrice's recommendations which were built on years of experience of launching sites for all different types of businesses. -- Dr. Mary Ellen Crowley, Boston MA

After building our initial starter site a couple of years ago, Patrice was engaged for the second go-round to "upgrade" our remodeling website and take it to the next level of design and presentation. And the re-design is awesome! The feedback from our clients and prospects has been nothing but positive. Patrice created a website that is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional - and it works well on phones and mobile devices making it easy for our clients and prospects to take a look our extensive project photo galleries. The new site has allowed us to reach a larger potential client base and generated new leads for our remodeling and contracting business. Working with biz-comm has been a satisfying and rewarding experience. Patrice provides excellent customer service, response, and reliable support. She also provided us with the tools and training we needed to manage and administrate our site on a day-to-day basis. She makes your site her priority and has always been there to help us with our site and our marketing projects. -- Keith Vaughan, Spectrum Design Build

About two years ago I decided that it was time for a new website for our home building and remodeling company. Our first website was old and tired and not very user friendly. After a little research I decided that building a new website using a Wordpress theme would be the way to go. I wanted a site that would be easy to update with new photos and fresh content on a regular basis. I decided that I would save some money and build the site myself. After all, I'm a homebuilder and remodeler and building a website should be easy right? Wrong!
It was't as easy as it looked and quite frankly, I didn't really want to spend all of my free time trying to build a website when I was already busy with our own customers. Luckily, while reading a NARI forum another Biz-Comm client was raving about Patrice (I wish I had written down her name so I could thank her as well). I took a quick look at Biz-Comm's website and I could see many of the professional looking websites that Patrice had designed for other companies including many other building and remodeling companies. I read all of the glowing testimonials and immediately called Patrice to discuss building a new website for my company.
Patrice was very accommodating with regard to my wish list and needs for a new website. She provided all of the easy-to-use back end management so that I can easily keep my website up to date with fresh content and photos of new projects. She designed a modern, responsive and most beautiful website complete with a before and after photo gallery that was high on my wants list. Patrice was quick to respond to all of my questions and to lend a helping hand with regard to the learning process when it came time to set up email and load new photos onto the site. I highly recommend using Biz-Comm for all of your marketing and web development needs and I will continue to work with Patrice on future marketing plans for my company.
PS: I've had six different parties fill out the contact form requesting estimates since last Friday (launch date). That's more than I got all year last year with the old site!
-- Rick Mitchell,L&M Construction

Patrice Olivier-Wilson of Biz-comm has provided service that goes way above and beyond what one would expect. She has provided NARI with a professional, functional, beautiful, and thorough website.
She has filled in where there were gaps, beefed up areas that were weak, and given us the quality web presence we need to attract customers and new members. Additionally, the website is a valuable resource for current members. It has become my go-to for contact information and for upcoming events.
We are lucky to have Biz-Comm on our team!
-- Tom Haines, Haines Construction

Biz-comm has been a trusted business partner for the NARI Central Virginia Chapter for a number of years. Patrice Olivier has employed her knowledge and skill to re-brand our organization through the development of a professional website. Patrice gets the job done just as promised and on time. Biz-Comm has my highest endorsement. -- Scott Wagner, Custom View

Patrice has been a joy to work with and I am so excited to share my site with others. Patrice and Biz-comm worked diligently to make sure the site was what I was looking for, set up to maximize my exposure, and even corrected my grammatical errors. I look forward to a long working relationship with Patrice and Biz-comm. -- Julianne Miller, Life Money Management

Dear Patrice, Thanks for building such an easy to use and easy to navigate Grout Gator website. It's been indispensible for building the Grout Gator into a nationally distributed product. -- Jim Hill, Inventor

As a young theatre company, our website is our greatest branding asset. We are so fortunate to have Biz-comm as our site developer, and collaborating with Patrice Olivier-Wilson has been an incredibly positive experience. She possesses the perfect balance of creative design skill and the technical know-how. From our website's inception in 2010 to our recent brand refresh, Patrice has gone above and beyond our wildest expectations. Her ability to create rich and and impactful web pages has elevated our theatre brand and put us on a level with other professional regional theaters. It is without hesitation that I continue to recommend her to other business associates who are looking to raise their own website's level of quality and polish. -- Doug Hodge, Producing Artistic Director

Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate your patience too. We absolutely love the new look of the website! -- Cathy Franko, executive director of HANDS

I can highly recommend Biz-comm as a website developer. I have been working with Patrice for about a year and a half now and she really knows her stuff, she is responsive (sometimes addressing issues even on the weekends, God bless her) and she really can advise you on how to design your website for search engine optimization. She can also provide email accounts, a blog site and an e-newsletter service that are tied into your company domain name and website. Her prices are reasonable and she doesn't nickel and dime you for every little thing which is nice. -- Laurie Crum, Summit Design Build

Call Patrice for a website consultation. She is very helpful and can set up an effective site that you'll find easy to maintain. Patrice is trustworthy, dedicated and extremely efficient! You'll like her! -- Karen Toussaint, The Family Phone Book

We are really happy with the site and get tons of positive feedback from people on the overall design and ease of use. Thanks again for all of your work and expertise. I really appreciate it!
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All sounds Greek to me :) But, thank you for taking care of it. You should know that I get lots of great compliments about our website. Very professional!
-- Doug Hodge, Woodland Theatre

I have no words to describe how niceeeeeeee it looks. I mean the web is OUTSTANDING !!!!! -- Tony Chicas, HR Maids

I just sent out a positioning package with the flyers that you designed inside. The young couple said they were so impressed how I presented myself, the husband said it was like going to an upscale restaurant and looking at a fancy menu. Thanks for helping me look good. -- Chris Gallagher, CP Gallagher Construction

I am really grateful that you have been (as always) so responsive to my questions. It's been a pleasure working with you for all these months and I really appreciate your work ethic and responsiveness to my queries! -- Sebec Lake Board Member

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your for developing our website ( It is much more professional and user friendly than our first website. The old site was very generic and we way overpaid for what we were promised. We love to track the statistics you have provided on our site, and it flows nicely. I was at first afraid to spend the money, but I now know it was the best advertising money we have spent. You were correct in your advice on where to put our advertising dollars. I will say that the website has paid for itself many times over. Oh, one other thing the logo you developed for us is very impressive!! Thanks again for helping our business operate in the black the first year out. Biz-comm was a Godsend. You are more than welcome to use us as referrals. -- Brad & Liza Sharber, Bio-Foam Insulation

Biz-comm did an exceptional job at creating my website. They were easy to reach and worked with me closely, tailoring their services to my specific needs, until my website was exactly how I wanted it. By combining my ideas with their their input, knowledge, and insight, we were able to launch a website that will truly make my company stand out. Once we launched our website they were easy to reach for revisions and updates. I will definitely be going back to Biz-comm for all of my website design needs. -- Maria Morris, Morris Construction Company

Your contribution to NARI metro DC is beyond words and value. I don't think any of our members truly appreciate the service you provide. The email list serve is the unofficial backbone of the operation and the main source of information and contact our members have with each other, you are an unsung hero and deserve some recognition for your efforts. -- David Merrick, NARI Chapter

Patrice is amazing, creative, informative and supportive. The buzz of my new logo and website are amazing, any event I attend I get amazing compliments! Thank you Biz-Comm. -- Rebecca Diamond, Rebecca Diamond Marketing

Dear Patrice: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help you have given us over the years. The new website is something we are very proud of. And the quarterly newsletter you do for us is very high quality and is recieved with much anticipation by our clients. I am always anxious to show it to a new prospect. You always respond promptly to my many requests. I really enjoy having you as a business partner! -- Keith Trembley, Keith Trembley Builders

I was fortunate enough to have biz-comm design a company logo, website, job site sign and stationery along with other marketing materials. I constantly get comments from clients and all who see the material that Patrice designed, telling me how nice everything looks. As a business owner I have seen what a major difference these materials make. When you deal with biz-comm you are dealing with a company that understands the remodeling industry inside and out so you can be confident that what they deliver will be in my estimation the best. I would highly recommend biz-comm to anyone who is looking for the services that they offer. -- Chris Gallagher, CP Gallagher Construction

We wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with the new Black Ice Security web site you have recently finished. Not only has the enhanced back end interface allowed us to better serve our clients and ensure faster response time for our field investigators, but the enhanced and customized look and feel of the site has set us apart from so many cookie cutter private investigation web sites. Your understanding of style and our needs in the private security field has made a huge difference in our improved business. Once again, thank you -- Keith Cross, Black Ice Security

I just wanted you to know that the updated web site looks fantastic. I've already gotten a couple of leads from it and I also get a lot of positive feedback from other business associates who just want to get to know us a little better. Thanks for your hard work. -- Kyle Dube, Project Plus Builders

Biz-comm has provided SportHill with a fantastic website and fantastic service. Thank you so much for your always diligent and prompt hard work; Cary and I really appreciate it. -- James Hill, SportHill

Biz-comm took Amazon Conservation Team's 5K website vision and made it reality! Patrice is very easy to work with, prompt with maintenance and any requests to keep the site updated. She is very patient and takes the extra time to explain what she does and why she makes certain suggestions, especially to one who knows very little. Patrice had our website up and running within days and the cost is very competitive. Many THANKS for all your help Patrice!!! -- Lisa Hundley-Reeves, Amazon Conservation Team

Holy Hell! You are great! That is fantastic are good. Dang, but you think outside the box! Patrice if you were any better you couldn't stand yourself !! Thank You -- Brad Sharber, Bio Foam Insulation

We first engaged Patrice Olivier-Wilson of Biz-comm in 2002 to provide marketing oversight to a number of projects we were working on. What first caught my attention was her direct no-nonsense approach to business. She has helped us develop our corporate image by designing marketing pieces, presentation folders, business cards stationary etc. Patrice has developed the United Air Temp web site and (managed it for 9 years). Biz-comm monitor(ed) and host(ed) the web site on their servers; assist(ed) us in maintaining the site including security for email and web site functions. Patrice has the skills necessary to help anyone with their marketing and web site requirements, but in my opinion one of her strengths is in listening to what you have to say and then proposing the correct solution. Several times we presented her with a rush project without sufficient lead time, and she still found a way to bring it in on time. For three years running our company has been a finalist or semi-finalist for an "Ethics in Business Award." In no small way Patrice has been instrumental in that success. She is a talented, highly principled individual whom I would recommend to anyone. -- F.G. McGonegal, Sr. VP, United Air Temp

Hi Patrice, I just wanted to let you know we had some t-shirts made and the owner was very impressed by our logo. He said that whomever designed it did a great job and it looks very classy and professional! -- Lisa Carrresi, Visions Design Center

We are a new company that had virtually no experience in the areas of marketing and advertising. We found Biz-comm and they have been a life-saver! They developed a beautiful logo for us and an easy-to-navigate and attractive website. Patrice Oliver-Wilson's patience with us as we began and her expertise has helped our company tremendously! She is very knowledgeable and dependable and I can always count on her for good suggestions for our marketing campaign. I look forward to continuing our business relationship and growing our business with the help of Biz-Comm. -- Lisa Carrresi, Visions Design Center

Patrice...this is awesome!!!!!! It's calming, and says quite a lot. This is a whole new approach. I honestly cannot wait to show it to (partner). You are amazingly talented, Patrice. -- Jack Palatella, Palatella Saros Builder Group

I wanted to make you aware of the number of compliments I have received on your logo design for our business. The positive feedback has come from customers as well as printing companies that have worked with the art files. I recently had a number of t-shirts silk screened with the logo and when I picked them up, the manager told me what a pleasure it was to work with the art files because they were so comprehensive. He indicated that their in-house art department made a point of telling him what a pleasure it was to work with them and apparently, they are never complimentary of someone else's work. Keep up the great work! -- Steve DeWeese, President, Endless Supply Co. LLC

Patrice, I just wanted you to know: The art you designed for me has been used for several things, including a large postcard with a business card magnet attached. The response to it was awesome. I sent 3000 out on Saturday and by Tuesday am, I had $20,000 of repeat business and several appointments with my clients. We're still whirling around! The holiday orders are streaming in. Yeah! THanks! -- Karin Collis, Karins Custom Images

Laurel Hill Center has worked with Biz-Comm for several years, and appreciates its expertise in creating our original website, as well as our recent redesign. Patrice Olivier-Wilson is a pleasure to work with -- her professionalism, patience and promptness are all important attributes when dealing with technology. We're very pleased with our site -- it is user friendly for visitors and easy for our staff to update and maintain. We'd highly recommend Biz-Comm to businesses and organizations seeking effective and attractive websites. -- Gerri O'Rourke, Laurel Hill Center

I have worked as a Commercial Printing vendor for Biz-comm since 1998, and since that time we have always had a wonderful relationship with them. Patrice and Stephen are honorable people, and I know they work very hard for their customers, and give customers so much more value for the dollar than they ever ask for. I have many customers that have similar businesses as Biz-comm, but I don't know of any that give the effort and personal attention to customers that they do -- at any price. I have also referred clients of mine to Biz-comm over the years, and every single one has come back very satisfied with the results, and the speed at which they are cared for. I am always eager to send someone I care about along to Biz-comm because I know they will be satisfied in the end. -- Chris Billet, Billet Graphics

Biz-comm is a life saver! I found out about a wonderful networking opportunity to launch my business and establish some great contacts. The problem was, I had to leave in a week and I needed business cards. I called a printer that I had worked with at an old job and he recommended Patrice with Biz-comm for logo design. I contacted her with my dilemma --giving her 3 days to create a logo. To my amazement, I was presented with a spectacular logo design 24 hours later. I was then surprised a second time; the day following my approval of the design Patrice came to me with a tweaked design which was even better than the original. She definitely went above and beyond, not only creating a wonderful design but accommodating my timeframe. Thank you Patrice! I can't wait to hand out my cards! -- Cari J. Whelden, President, CJP Services, Inc.

I have a new start up construction company which recently contracted with Biz-comm for my marketing and web site services. I have found that working with both Patrice Olivier-Wilson and Stephen Wilson to be nothing but a positive experience from two true professionals in their field. My very first client lived out of state and knew very little about me as a builder. I was in the negotiating process with him for their $600,000.00 custom home. Patrice brought my web site on line during the middle of negotiations and my client just happened to go on line and find it, enabling him to get to know more about myself and my services. The web site sealed the deal! The information and photos that Patrice coached me through providing her with in which to build my website proved to be successful. More that anything though, I think it was the testimonials that she acquired that really did the trick. As I read those testimonials, I realize the importance and value they add to my website. All I can say is "great work Patrice." I look forward to many more positive things to come due to my website and working with Biz-comm in the future. -- Mick Del Greco, Del Greco Homes

Biz-comm is very flexible, willing to go the extra mile, easy to reach and quick to respond. They listen to our ideas, meet deadlines, have great attention to detail and create a comfortable relationship. Above all, the final product is always above and beyond expectations. -- Mary Jane Dale, Merritt Academy

I want to let you know how pleased I was with the work product from Biz-comm. When we started to consider putting together a brochure for the State Information Technology Consortium (SITC), I had only some very general ideas. You were able to help us bring out concepts that we had but had not thought about in terms of promotion, and enable us to visualize what they would look like in terms of a brochure. Important to a small, but growing business, is that you were able to do the job, on time, and on budget, and the end product -- our SITC brochure --is both well received internally here, and even more important to all of us, very well received by customers. "Concise, informative, and very catchy," is the feedback from customers. We look forward to working with you on the next phase of our awareness and marketing program. -- Bob Glasser, State Information Technology Consortium

Biz-comm delivered a high quality marketing piece that completely met, and even exceeded, our expectations. When we use the marketing materials created by Biz-comm in our sales presentations, we have a close ratio of more than 80 percent. -- Ben Gerenstein, Truedge Technologies

When you're on to a good thing, it's a shame to keep it to yourself. Biz-comm has helped me increase business, heighten visibility, create an image, and track leads with the net result of producing a vast quantity of quality leads. Biz-comm has created and delivered several projects that had significant impact on our bottom line. Our visibility in the community was heightened through a new logo, an eye-catching vehicle design, brochures, Web site, direct mail and awesome public relation campaigns. We now 'own' this town in the remodeling niche. This was the pure, sole result of what Biz-comm produced for us. -- Mike Carey, Carey Contracting

Thank you so much for all your help. I feel really good about this upcoming year in regard to business. It's like a light bulb came on in our heads in the last six months. We understand now that we are business owners who need to SELL our services and not guys with tools in our hand...We're actually checking all our numbers now on a constant basis -- amazing! We had been so stubborn about marketing but we now see the advantages of having a company like yours help us get to where we need to in order to be a profitable company. -- Diane Christie, Christies Complete Services

Every home in my target areas of Napa Valley gets a reminder that I'm here and available for their remodeling needs. I use direct mail and have finished three contracts and committed to two more in one country club community alone. We've been getting a great response to our new logo, corporate identity and web site. We had a call from a potential client who received a postcard and wanted to know more about us before scheduling a meeting. We referred him to our Web site. After reviewing the site, he called back for an appointment. I met with the client and within one hour, had a verbal contract for $285,000 remodel. His response had to do with the web site and new logo. I just wanted to say thank you. -- Jim Pitcher, Castle Rock Construction

I wanted to share an update with you. In the past week and a half I have scheduled three appointments, all of whom received our mailers and visited our Web site. Once they called I further explained our two contract system (design agreement and then construction contract). All three scheduled and we've already signed a design agreement with one of them on the first appointment! The bonus, is that all three projects are $100,000+! The couple raved about our mailers, Web site, and Scott's presentation. They said no one that they had met thus far was nearly as informative and professional. I love you two!!!! Thanks sooo much for all the help. -- Rebecca Dutton, Dutton Design Build

It really is a whole process. When I started working with Biz-comm, they really educated me on the fact that it isn't just one facet of marketing. You really do need to have a marketing plan. And we try to touch every facet of the target market. Every piece that we send out does something different. -- Dorothy Booze, DesignLine Remodelers, Inc.

Thanks for the last minute rewrites. That's what I call servicing the customer. You guys are great. Reference: I have worked with Biz-comm for several years now and find their ideas to be fresh and targeted to our market. Their expertise in remodeling allows us time for creativity versus me educating them on the remodeling industry. They get it. I can't say enough about their turn around time. Patrice is awesome and when necessary hounds me to make decisions in order to keep to a schedule. That doesn't bother me one bit as she is the expert in her field and knows time is money. We have a great working relationship with Biz-Comm and hope to continue that in the future. -- Trish Schroeder, Schroeder Design Build