Alert: A scam and how to avoid it

Today, I received a threat on my personal email at I am posting my alert to my clients, which I did via our in-house mail list. Headers in the email can alert where the IP comes from, and then the server can blacklist.

In the email headers of View All, you can see the IP number this came from, ie, Once I know that number, I can blacklist that server.

I was so amused to learn that the threat included that I was visiting “intimate content sites” with a “vivid imagination”! *laugh*

So this is a bogus threat of trying to blackmail email users for $500. Clients: Contact me if you get any of these so I can find the IP number. Do not delete the email because I will have to walk you through how to see the hidden headers which reveal the sending IP.



Sterling VA forensics, proficiency testing lab redesigned

Two web sites, Collaborative Testing Services – Testing Labs, and Collaborative Testing Services – Forensics, were recently redesigned using responsive design. Both include shopping carts that allow CTS’ customers to shop by credit card, check, or purchase order.

Janine Leete, Executive VP, CTS, said:
“Patrice at Biz-comm was a joy to work with. She exceeded our expectations on all fronts, and we were able to launch two sophisticated corporate sites with e-commerce capabilities in a short timeframe. Patrice’s approach to site design broke the project down into manageable components and enabled us to hone in on desired site functionalities and create appropriate content. We were quite particular about certain features, and Patrice seemed to welcome the challenges we presented to her. DDH Design created a series of fun icons to “brand” our numerous programs and even tweaked our logo for the most effective look. The end result are eye-catching, responsive websites that are earning compliments and, most importantly, efficiently selling our services to current and new customers.”