CarsoCalifornia Coaching launches new website

With more than 30 years of coaching commercial, institutional and industrial clients about the powers of effective communications, Linda Carso brings a wide range of experience to CarsoCalifornia Coaching. As a career coach, Linda specializes in helping folks upgrade their resumes, find new avenues of work, prep for a job interview and negotiate salaries. For students, Linda helps with academic tutoring, including identifying what skills need to be improved in order to succeed in school. Check out the site!  

Hello, Patrice. Let me start by saying that the writing of a professional review (for anyone) is something that I don’t take lightly. I checked out all of the reviews on your website, and the affirmations recorded there absolutely ring true with my own experiences about working with you. Your work is excellent – period. That said, I would like to add this: Somehow, you are gifted with a keen intuition about how to ask the right questions. I did not truly know my own specific needs/expectations for the new business website. You were patient in drawing me out – you asked the pertinent questions, and did not permit me to duck or dodge your inquiries. This is not my ‘first rodeo,’ nonetheless, I have never benefited more from any other professional collaboration. Thank you! – Linda Carso