Why I don’t do WP sites

Yes, this seems nuts to say while posting on a blog that is using Word Press. However, I only use the basic WP themes, and only use to provide a blog feature to a full-blown, custom web site design.

I distrust the concept of using themes created by third party vendors. I receive threat alerts about WP themes and I just refuse to buy into third party themes. Today, this is what landed in my inbox:

“Our Threat Intelligence team was notified of a vulnerability present in ThemeREX Addons, a WordPress plugin installed on an estimated 44,000 sites. This flaw allows attackers to remotely execute code on a site with the plugin installed, including the ability to execute code that injects administrative user accounts. We are currently seeing active exploitation of this vulnerability.”

So, Biz-comm will continue to only integrate the blog feature of WordPress for those clients who desire it, and will not being doing whole sites based solely on WordPress and third party themes. Biz is capable of editing a WP official theme to meet the needs of custom sites.