iPad water problem solution

Yesterday, hubby spilled coffee on his iPad. Still worked except no speakers. Earphones ok. So after a little research, lots of tricks (rice, etc.) I found that Staples is rolling out something called tekdry which would be great, but it’s not in local stores yet. So, I created a solution with some items on hand.

I have a couple of dehydrators. One with just air but the motor makes the air pretty warm and one with a temperature control to keep heat level much lower.

Using the one that has lowest heat factor, I took the plastic layer of the dehydrator that catches any drips and placed it on the bottom level. I filled that with a granular product called DampRid, which I keep on hand for a utility room that tends to get too damp in the summer. It’s the same type of product that are in those little packets to keep food products dry etc.

Then I added all the levels of the dehydrator and put the ipad on the top level to keep it as cool as possible. I ran it for about 30 minutes and the sound returned!

PS: Do not do the rice solution. Rice is small enough to enter the plug area.