Hunts for Healing goes responsive

huntsCheck out the latest Biz-comm site to convert to responsive design.

Tammy Smith, Hunts for Healing said: “Our nonprofit organization was searching for new ideas on how to make our website more attractive and easier to use for Veterans and our volunteers. We were unsure of what was available out there and affordable for us to remain in our budget. Biz-comm suggested different search and management tools to help us collaborate effectively and streamline our processes. Our transition to our new site was effortless and we have room to grow! I am an IT Professional by day and a volunteer on the side, so my time can be very busy. I work daily with several corporations. Biz-comm gave me what we were looking for in a timely manner with professional results… our group was pleased with the results. Thank you Patrice and Biz-comm for helping Hunts For Healing with our mission!”