Check your passwords!

There has been considerable hacking of email accounts recently. Check your passwords.

A major issue right now is compromised passwords.

Lots of web based emails have been hacked. Yahoo, gmail, linkedin, etc. Suggest that anyone who has an easy password on one of the these systems, including facebook, to change ricky-tick. Don’t use the same password for all your systems. Several of my clients have gotten hacked from one system to another.

Tip: don’t use your anniversary date, your birthday, your dog’s name, your daughter/son name for passwords. It is all available via facebook now. Make up passwords. Use numbers with letters that do not make up a real word. Make it long. Mitt Romney got hacked using his dog’s name. I would bet semus or how ever it was spelled was the password.

On another caution level: When you use web based email accounts, you have no privacy at all. If you use a gmail account, Google knows what you know, what you like, etc. There is NO privacy so don’t expect a google search to not know what you like and therefore will give you same results. As a website developer, I can tell you that, if you are a business person, only use your own domain email for any work online.