When The Phone Rings II

If hard-sell tactics are part and parcel of your initial prospect contact and wonder why you aren’t getting to second base . . . You desperately need to understand, hard-sell tactics turn most people off! 

When a potential client calls, or you return a potential client’s call, hard-sell just doesn’t work, except maybe when you’re selling replacement windows to the 960 ranch market; don’t begin with a canned micro-presentation about your company, you, and what you have to offer. Instead begin the conversation on a specific problem that your service can solves. A problem which you already know exists because you asked the prospect what problem they need solved on your web page pre-qualification questionnaire. 

By addressing a problem you already know they have an intense desire to solve, you don’t come across sounding like a Tinman. You are not giving the prospect cause or reason to hang up . . . unless you are selling unsolicited replacement windows. You are giving them concrete information that directly relates to a problem they have freely and willingly expressed. This also leaves you in a much better position to set reasonable expectations.

What . . . you don’t have a pre-qualification page on your web site . . . no web site at all? Now’s the time to remedy that marketing malfunction Buck-O!